Meeting all Your Flying Needs

Host John has flown at venues all over the world, with and without family, and has discovered a gem, not too far from the UK.

He set up Paragliding France to ensure an unforgettable flying experience for all ages and skill levels.

Conditions in the Charente/Dordogne region are exceptional – perfect for flying, with large, stable thermals, fabulous weather and breathtaking vistas.

John’s vast experience means he understands exactly what the flying community wants – high-quality paragliding, paramotoring and winching, along with the right conditions and facilities for training.

Paragliding France provides all this and more, from a fabulous, well-equipped, traditional French farmhouse base – a relaxed, home-from-home that will delight flyers and their partners.

Your Unique Paramotoring Experience in France

The Charente/Dordogne, offers the most idyllic, safe, perfect weather for all levels of paramotoring. There are thousands of miles of sky to play in.

The weather is very consistent and there is always places to land, just in case. You’ll experience amazing views of ancient villages, châteaux and the impressive landscape of the Charente/Dordogne. It’s safe to land almost anywhere.

We have Five excellent flying sites, which work in any wind direction. The nearest site is just 3 minutes away. It’s even possible to land back at the farm (but not on a daily basis, due to noise).

All flying sites are exclusive to us, and cater to all levels of flyers. There is minimal overcrowding, like you find at many UK sites, is unknown!

A Few Rules for Paramotoring in France

Here are a few rules when flying with us in France:

  • We can fly in French airspace with your paramotor for recreational flights without formality.
  • We have to respect the rules of the air (SERA).
  • You must have a recognised pilot license and all have subscribed insurance for flying. It is also recommened to have accident isurance, just in case.
  • Minimum of 500ft for flying is a requirment.
  • We are allowed to take off and land on microlight airfields or private fields (extra-urban, outside the areas of an airfield) with the permission of the landowner. (We will arrange this)

All of these rules will be clarified by us on arrival to France before we set off flying, if you have any questions about the legality of flying, get in contact with us below:

What are you waiting for? Adventure awaits!